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County Competitions

The Hertfordshire County competitions are annually held events where bowlers who play for clubs in the Hertfordshire league compete to become county champion(s).


The events are held on Sundays (usually between the months of September-April) and are played through to completion on the day. The event is held within a facility in Hertfordshire.


The entries that are received for each competition are drawn into groups and a round-robin stage is held. Group games are usually played over a period of 9 ends with bowlers having 4 woods each in the singles and 2 woods each in the pairs, triples and fours. The winner(s) of each game receives two points and a single point each is awarded in the event of a tied game


The group winners (and some runners up depending on number of groups) advance through to the knockout stage.

The matches are then played through to the final with the teams having the chance to become the Hertfordshire County Champion. Click the links below to see the previous winners of the county competitions and results & reports from previous events

The reward for becoming county champion is the opportunity to become the eastern counties champion of champions and ultimately the national champion of champions.


These prestigious events take place in May (Eastern Counties) and June (National) each year. This sees the winners of each counties competitions compete for the chance to become champion of champions. See the list below of competing counties


Eastern Counties & National














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